Lana Petkov


For ever in love with the music, the piano, Bane smile and her Pančevo. She found her place under the stars and she is pacing proudly through the world of music. She often says: "Yesterday is the past, tomorrow is a mistery, and today is a present. That’s why this moment we call the present". At every performance she gives her maximum, and sometimes even more. For her, every new day is a new challenge.



Aleksandar Covic
Branislav Zdravkovic


Born in Belgrade. He finished the elementary and secondary Music School "Kosta Manijlović" for the accordion. He enrolled the Law but soon realized that the rules of the legal system are too strict for an artist and chose those musical rules and musical freedom of expression. Now he studies successfully Audio and Video production at the High School of Electrical Engineering and Computers.



Born in Cicevac, a dentist by profession, but his heart and soul will forever be in music. By nature he`s quiet, but ... when Sale takes the guitar into his hands, incredible musical phrases take place. smile His performance exceeds the expectations of the band members, as well as the expectations of his loyal fans. At the beginning of 2010 he became a permanent member of „Bajka Band“.

Aleksandar Stanojevic

NENAD KNEZEVIC - bass guitar

Born in Jagodina ... it speaks volumes about his temperament and personality. A creative and quality musician, energetic on stage, and beyond. smile He is extremely charming and his playing captures. Above all, Nenad is a professional and an unrivaled colleague. At the end of 2009 he became a permanent member of „Bajka Band“

Nenad Kneyevic Milos Jokic


Born in Dalmatia... wine, sea, olives, no wonder he is a notorious optimist, never removing a smile from his face ... Our handsome TINY... He studies geography so that the whole band relies on his knowledge when starting a journey to far away countries. smile